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Financial Psychology: Client Attitudes

IncomeConductor August Roundtable

Sponsored by IncomeConductor and presented by DataPoints (a CFP Board CE sponsor)

This session is eligible for 1 CFP CE credit.

Featured Speaker

sarah fallaw

Dr. Sarah Fallaw, Ph.D.


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Every client enters the financial planning process with a unique set of attitudes and outlook about everything from investing to budgeting. Client perspectives can influence success when it comes to money-related matters.

In this session, we welcome Dr. Sarah Fallaw, President of DataPoints and co-author of The Next Millionaire Next Door. Dr. Fallaw’s presentation will help you gain a deeper understanding of how attitudes relate to financial behaviors and financial outcomes such as net worth, regardless of how old your clients are or their income level.

Better serve your clients by understanding their personality when it comes to building wealth, including their attitudes towards saving, spending, and investing.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the difference between the concepts of attitude, personality, behavioral finance biases, and behaviors.

  • Understand how client attitudes can influence their behaviors related to financial matters

  • Learn how to identify client attitudes using interviews and assessments

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