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Put your firm in the first-chair position.

In a same-old/same-old industry, IncomeConductor® gives your company an edge with innovative, new-generation technology and strategies. With your competition stuck in the past, you can give your advisors a new value proposition, and capitalize on the exploding demand for income distribution expertise.

An emphasis on strategy, not products.

By orchestrating disparate types of savings to deliver a compelling retirement “performance”, IncomeConductor builds a solid strategy for reliable income. Financial products? Your advisors are free to choose whatever products align best with their clients’ plans. With IncomeConductor, the plan drives product selection, not the other way around.

Great for business. Yours.

Your firm will receive our full suite of training and FINRA-reviewed sales and marketing collateral that can be branded to your own retirement income program. Case consultation, as well as guidance on how the program can boost recruiting and transition planning efforts, helps your advisors retain and grow their practice.

An emphasis on compliance.

IncomeConductor has been independently reviewed by Jason Roberts and Steve Sokolic of The Retirement Law Group. Their report found that our program supports fiduciary standards that are so important in protecting your firm from litigation.

Easy advisor oversight and supervision.

Thanks to supervisory logins and robust reporting, you can monitor all of your advisors’ plans, investment selections and implementations, and client decisions. IncomeConductor will even report on what form of compensation each advisor is receiving and at what level.

White label reporting.

IncomeConductor offers custom firm branding of your client reports and our technology platform, which integrates seamlessly with your firm’s client-facing efforts. All accessible via a secure site for each of your advisors.

Define a new growth strategy for your firm.

How does IncomeConductor® helps you capture the retirement income service opportunity?

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