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Address your client's biggest retirement fears in just a few clicks.



of investors heading into retirement are worried about rising healthcare costs.



of advisors are comfortable discussing longevity and healthcare with their clients.

Reveal and navigate the critical interaction between health, longevity, and retirement income planning.

IncomeConductor has partnered with institutional data provider HealthView Services to build a seamless, personalized retirement income planning experience that answers the toughest client questions.

Will I outlive my savings?

Build income plans for your clients based on personalized, actuarial longevity esimates.

When should I claim Social Security?

Maximize your client's lifetime household benefit through optimized claiming age calculation.

Can I afford my future healthcare?

Make sure your clients are prepared for Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Personalized Longevity Estimates

It’s not always comfortable talking with clients about their longevity, but it’s the first step in creating a realistic income plan.

Obtain a personalized longevity projection with just a few simple questions to build confidence for you and your client.

Social Security

When to most efficiently claim Social Security benefits is often top of mind for clients looking ahead to retirement.

Provide them with a claiming strategy to maximize their benefits and incorporate it into their plan with just a few clicks.

Customized Health Cost Projections

More than two thirds of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills and income loss as a result of unexpected or chronic illness. 

Health+ provides instant Medicare premium and out-of-pocket cost estimates that are personalized to your client.

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