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IncomeConductor Trial Guide - Creating Your First Plan

Welcome to your IncomeConductor trial! You’ve made a great choice by taking your first step towards becoming an efficient, compliant retirement income planning expert. This set of training tools will give you a deeper understand of Time Segmented retirement income planning, as well as insight on how to use the plan creation editor in IncomeConductor. To get the most out of your free trial, we suggest following the steps below:

Strategy Training

Technology Training

Case Call Prep

Schedule Case Call


View the Strategy Training Videos to brush up on the fundamentals of Time Segmented income planning. (~1 hr. viewing time)


View the Technology Training to become familiar with the IncomeConductor plan creation editor. (~30 min. viewing time)


Prepare the basic details of a case to use as part of your consultation call.

To best utilize your complementary case call, be sure to collect the necessary information for the case you wish to review:


You're ready to schedule your complementary case consultation!