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IncomeConductor® is the future of retirement planning.

Developed by a team of financial professionals with over 65 years of combined experience, IncomeConductor® is an intuitive software and strategy that allows advisors and clients to truly collaborate to achieve a successful retirement performance.

Reliability-based strategies. Not probability-based formulas.

Financial planners typically rely on random simulations and past performance models. IncomeConductor® takes a more reliable approach – by breaking income plans into time-segmented milestones, each segment can be aligned with specific income goals, providing reliable short-, mid- and long-term income.



Bringing harmony to a potentially stressful situation.

For clients feeling overwhelmed by the realities of retirement, this time-segmented strategy helps divide what they see as one large, stress-inducing problem into smaller, more manageable pieces. The more comfortable the client, the more successful the plan.



100% proprietary. 100% linkable.

IncomeConductor was built from the ground up to streamline plan creation and management. Also built-in: advisors can easily link and sync income data from any source to calculate and hone each plan. Course-correct any plan, or update even a single field, and the entire plan recalculates dynamically.



Ongoing plan management deserving of a standing O.

Life changes unexpectedly so we’ve built flexibility into the entire process.. Retirees are never locked into long-term decisions with no way out. And IncomeConductor’s daily tracking and automated insights help protect income along the way without giving up market growth.



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