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Converting “Do-It-Yourselfers” to Clients

Jerri Hewett Miller, CFP®, RICP®


The 401(k) generation has been self-directing during accumulation. Now they need help turning those saves into retirement income.




“They chose to work with us because no one else had shown them concrete evidence of how retirement would be handled through the years.

People understand time segmentation, especially when they see the visuals. We look like geniuses.

Closing Facebook Leads With a Detailed Plan

Jason Hamilton, CFP®


Many clients’ current advisors are not providing the kind of written plans that they’re looking for. One advisor runs a 100% virtual practice to serve them.




“As an engineer, he wanted to see a clear path to retirement, backed up by a detailed plan. When I created his IncomeConductor plan, he said that this is the level of detail he was looking for. He was comfortable knowing that if something were to happen to him, his wife would be ok.”

High Net Worth Clients Still Feel the Pressure of Income Generation

Chad Pruden, PFP®, CIM®


High income earners can make excellent accumulators, but positioning risk assets during distribution is a whole new area.




“In just two meetings, the IncomeConductor plan we created for the prospect not only convinced them to come on as a client, but to consolidate all their assets with us.”

Protecting Future Income from COVID Uncertainty

Tod Phillips, ChFC, CLU®


Giving client reviews during turbulent markets is a necessary but difficult part of the job, especially in the midst of a pandemic.


During last year’s reviews no one could see COVID-19 coming. In every review this year, I was able to assure my clients that this scenario is the exact reason why we believe in IncomeConductor.

With their income remaining unaffected by market volatility, IncomeConductor has helped with client reviews and calmed not only my clients’ nerves, but also mine.

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