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WealthConductor visits The American College of Financial Services

WealthConductor co-Founders Sheryl O’Connor and Phil Lubinski visited the American College in the Fall of 2018 to help build out the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP┬«) designation video curriculum. Below you can find all eight videos that were filmed with the help of Jamie Hopkins, Wade Pfau and David Littell from the College. Topics covered…

Retirement Income Journal On IncomeConductor

Kerry Pechter of the Retirement Income Journal recently published an article highlighting WealthConductor co-founder Phil Lubinski, and his approach to a specific income plan challenge using the IncomeConductor software. The article follows Phil as he constructs a time-segmented, or “bucketed” plan for the clients dubbed Mr. & Mrs. M. T. Knestor. The plan takes their…

Bucket Strategies: Un-Muddying The Waters

In a recent Morningstar article “Implementing a Bucket System? There Will Need to Be Some Rules“, Christine Benz lays out some of the questions that arise when advisors and clients employ bucket strategies in pursuit of retirement income. The main issues revolve around distribution of income, asset allocation and equity exposure, rebalancing, and portfolio modifications….