IncomeConductor is proud to announce that we have successfully completed our integration with Orion Advisor Services! Our Orion integration allows advisors to link their clients’ accounts and sleeved models directly into IncomeConductor plan segments in one easy step.

Orion users can simply call up the Orion connection in the INVEST area of IncomeConductor, and use their Orion credentials to authorize the API connection to reference their book of business. Browsing by household lets you quickly pull up all associated accounts, and then elect which model aggregates or even individual securities to link. Daily overnight updates keep the holding values current, providing you with instant, accurate plan reviews to share with your income planning clients.

For more information on the integration, you can find us through the Orion Social area in the Orion Advisor Services web app under Groups -> Integrations -> Retirement Income Planning. You can also Contact Us directly to learn more about Orion, IncomeConductor, and how easy we make retirement income planning, implementation and tracking.


Who is Orion?

Orion was built by advisors, for advisors. The market didn’t have a portfolio accounting service good enough for our sister company, a registered investment adviser, so we built the solution ourselves. We understand the frustrations you have to work through, because they’re ones we’ve experienced ourselves. So, we’ve come up with innovative, advanced solutions to problems you face every day. Like you, we aren’t content with what exists. We look ahead to uncover what’s next. Learn more at