Raymond James LogoWealthConductor is proud to announce that our data connectivity integration with the Raymond James advisor platform is live. Through the new integration, Raymond James advisors can connect their client accounts and holdings directly to their IncomeConductor income plans.

Every day, Raymond James client account and underlying position values will be automatically updated, ensuring that every one-click client review you run will always have the most current information available.

The daily account data is also used in the automated de-risking notification process. Any plan segment that requires a 2% net annualized rate of return or less to reach it’s growth goal will trigger an alert to the advisor that a potential opportunity to protect client assets has arisen.

Hear what early adopters of the new integration are saying:

I’ve never used an income planning tool as intuitive and powerful as IncomeConductor. Plus, the direct connection to the Raymond James platform means I can link my client accounts to their plan in minutes and run instant, up-to-date client reviews for years to come.

Sam Marrella, Branch Manager, CFP®, Marrella Financial Group LLC, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

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