Tina Powell recently hosted Sheryl O’Connor on her podcast In The Suite after Sheryl was named as one of the 2020 Inspiring Fintech Females by NYC Fintech Women. In the Suite is a podcast that shares amazing stories of women in business in the financial services and wealth management industry. The podcast features interviews with inspiring, top women leaders in business and some of the biggest names in the wealth management industry.

Listen to the full episode now to hear Tina and Sheryl discuss

  • How Sheryl got her start in retirement planning and financial services (06:40)
  • Sheryl’s parents and the reality of aging, retirement, medical costs (11:10)
  • The 401k generation and rising cost of health care (17:35)
  • Commission vs. fee-based financial advisors (20:45)
  • What is a dual registered advisor? (24:50)
  • RICP and CFP (28:00)
  • How to use IncomeConductor®: no two retirements at the same (28:50)
  • and more…

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