Hartford, CT – August 26, 2017 – WealthConductor LLC (“WC”) is pleased to announce its partnership with Integrated Financial Partners (“IFP”) in offering a complete retirement income technology solution to IFP’s financial advisors. IFP has built a successful business offering clients a time-segmented retirement income strategy, Lifetime Income Model® (“LIM”). IFP was using proposal software to create a plan for the client, but manually tracked and managed it throughout retirement. WC’s revolutionary Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform, IncomeConductor®, supports financial advisors throughout the entire financial planning process, allowing them not only to create, track and manage customized plans for their clients, but to also make ‘course corrections’ to the plan along the way.

With $750 Billion in retirement assets in motion, and 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day, there is an increasing demand from clients for retirement income planning services, and advisors are looking for a scalable solution to meet these demands cost-effectively. IFP’s Lifetime Income Model® has been at the forefront of the industry, and has for years been used by IFP’s advisors in helping each client meet their personal retirement income needs and goals. By utilizing the power of the IncomeConductor® platform, IFP will have the ability to scale its Lifetime Income Model® as it grows, providing great efficiencies in the areas of administration and supervisory oversight.

“IncomeConductor® was developed as the next generation of retirement income planning for advisors who want to go beyond the typical “proposal” software and, instead, implement a full-cycle solution that includes intuitive management and modification capabilities,” Sheryl O’Connor, CEO of WealthConductor LLC said. “We are thrilled to partner with IFP, a group that has successfully incorporated retirement income planning as a core offering in their practice and appreciate how IncomeConductor® can help them distribute their Lifetime Income Model® to even more clients to help them enjoy a successful retirement experience.”

“Longevity is a major challenge for our generation and those to come. We all want to live longer but preservation of capital and planning for the financial needs of retirees with escalating healthcare costs is of vital concern. We have to look at things creatively and we have to be proactive.” Paul Saganey, CFP®, President and Founder of IFP said. “A time-released allocation system, coupled with other risk management strategies helps to increase the retiree’s odds of success over the archaic age-based models. We can’t think about retirement as a line in the sand. The 4th quarter of life can last decades. Partnering with WealthConductor gives us the opportunity to utilize their technology platform for our Lifetime Income Model™ and will actively help clients plan for this life phase in a more efficient manner.”

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About WealthConductor LLC.
WealthConductor LLC (“WC”) was founded in 2017 by advisors experienced in the retirement marketplace. We understand the challenges financial professionals face and what they need to succeed. WC’s revolutionary retirement income platform, IncomeConductor®, provides a complete suite of support to financial advisors who want to re-define their value proposition as retirement income professionals and provide a time-tested income distribution strategy to their clients that is completely customized to their individual needs and goals. We partner with our IncomeConductor community of advisors to continuously enhance our technology and supporting program to help them succeed in the income distribution market. Your success is our success.


About Integrated Financial Partners
Paul Saganey, CFP® established Integrated Financial Partners (IFP) in 2003, however, they trace their roots back to the mid-80’s. The company’s growth has been fueled by the addition of new registered representatives and business alliances with accountants, attorneys, insurance agencies and credit unions. With more than 24 offices from coast to coast, IFP provides retirement, legacy and business owner planning, as well as related insurance and investment products. A sound business model coupled with numerous local, regional, and national resources, Integrated Financial Partners is a clear choice for partnering opportunities.